Want to get your business online and eCommerce Ready in Just 15 minutes, Oh Yes ! its Not a dream its a magic with Shopify eCommerce Software. We will be driving you through how you can setup your own shopify store in just 15 minutes. With 10 Million+ Stores & 24×7 Support Shopify leads the market of eCommerce platform and its builtin features like Safety, Security & Speed makes your experience special.

  1. 1 Minute Shopify Account Signup:
    Yes, its that easy to get a eCommerce Platform ready for your in less than minute and you can signup a Shopify Free 14 Days Trial Account.Just need a minute to signup and everything you will have a ready account to setup your products, data, logo, domain etc.
  2. Basic Account/Store Setup
    Once your account is up it will take you another 5 minutes to setup your store according to your business needs. You can setup a free theme for the front end design of your store and can change, logo, images, your contact address, phone etc.Also you can setup the Currency, Store Shipping & Tax rates in no time with visual options. No eCommerce is made that easy as Shopify is.
  3. Uploading your Products Data, Inventory
    Shopify Allows you a visual and easy way to upload your products either manually or a CSV import. In no time wastage, you can have your 100’s of SKU’s ready with you.Accordingly your collections or category are ready to linkup on your front end. Also a seamless way to manage your inventory is offered by shopify.
  4. Start Accepting Payment Online.
    Once your Shopify store is ready to sell online with all data and setup now next is to setup your payment method. You can Choose Cash on Delivery COD or can setup online payment gateways. There are 100’s of listed payment gateway which can be integrated in single click with shopify.
  5. Apps, Marketplace Integrations:
    Shopify apps store and marketplace integrations make your store a Pro and give you a vision map to grow. Apps like Mailchimp, Obrelo Drop Shipping, Instagram Feeds, social logins and much more. Also you can connect with Amazon, Facebook Shop Or Instagram shop based on your shopify plans you have subscribed to.You can have a look on Shopify Plans here.

These are the 5 easy Steps to setup your Shopify store in 15 minutes. What you are waiting for ? Get started today and start selling online. Looking for a Complete eCommerce Consultancy from an expert, Speak with our team and Get a FREE Consultancy and development services for your shopify store. Call Us @ +91 9464684130.